Dead Men – Drama/Thriller

Jon grew up in Rockford, but it wasn’t until he returned home from the war that he came to understand the true nature of his town. Now a member of the mountain town’s small police force, Jon finds himself faced with rampant racism and corruption as he attempts to solve the strange murder of an unidentified black man.

136 pages

Thinking of You – Drama

Derrick Harlow is a stunted, wannabe musician who spends his days as a lifeguard at a local pool and his nights lusting after his best friend’s girl and getting high. His whole world is soon thrown into chaos with the death of his best friend via autoerotic asphyxiation and the reappearance of his abusive, estranged father.

95 pages


The Worst Hitman in Vegas – Dark Comedy

Jimmy Lovberg, having recently been released from a three-year prison sentence, comes out looking to make his mark on the world by becoming a killer for hire. It doesn’t go well.

58 pages


Bad, Bad Things – Drama

What do you do when your only friend is a serial killer? If you’re anything like social outcast Mitchel Williams you get roped into his misdeeds. Can he find a way to escape?

15 pages

Tunnel Vision – Drama

Elijah is a down on his luck mechanic trying his best to support his young daughter and her newborn son. When an opportunity to rob a poorly manned armored car presents itself he jumps on it. Now on the wrong side of the law, he must find a way to secure his new found fortune for his family.

16 pages

Cinder – Comedy

Chris is a poor millennial loser looking for love. He discovers a new dating app called CINDER, which has users match based on nude photos. Desperate for love, he signs up.

12 pages


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