Tokyo Ghoul Review



Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that premiered July of this year. It follows Kaneki Ken, a young man who, after an accident, receives an organ transplant from a y creature known as a Ghoul. Ghouls look just like humans, however they are stronger, more resilient, and can only survive by eating the meat of humans. Upon receiving these organs Kaneki’s body becomes that of a Ghoul, and he must now struggle with his need to consume humans in order to live.

The anime is twelve episodes long with a second season to begin airing in the beginning of 2015. I began watching the show after seeing it appear on a few ‘best of’ lists, and it did not disappoint. The characters are fresh and well thought out, the character development is well done and logical, and the action scenes are brutal. This is a great psychological thriller for any anime fan. The only downfall is that the twelfth episode ends on a massive, and I mean massive, cliffhanger. For me, that meant diving into the manga, which has already ended and has a sequel series called Tokyo Ghoul: Re. I highly suggest picking them both up. Overall this is an amazing series, and I definitely examined it to any anime fan.

Final Verdit: 4.5/5

Big Hero 6 Review

Big_Hero_6_(film)_posterBig Hero 6 is an interesting film. While it is super fun with a lot of energy and action and fun characters, it is also incredibly generic. The plot is seen through so early on that the only redeemable aspect of the film is the characters. Honestly I had a lot of fun in the theatre. I laughed repeatedly and went along for the ride. As fun as it was during the ride though I can’t forgive the plot. I really enjoyed watching Big Hero 6 but it is such a safe, formulaic movie that it just can’t really stand out. Not to mention that the most interesting part of the movie, the setting, is not even touched upon. How can you have a movie set in a half asian half western city called San Fransokyo and not delve into that? It did provide some great visuals, though. The art in this film is fantastic. If only it had a better story.

Final verdict: 2.5/5.


Chief Scout: Run Away From Home Music Video

Here is a fun little music video I had the pleasure of working on a while back.  The best part about this shoot was that it took place at a giant party held every so often by some friends of mine. It’s always a great party with live music, plenty of beer, and craziness. It’s called Rowdy Dowdy and if you ever get the chance to, you should. So for this shoot we all got really drunk and just let the crazy happen! I was a camera operator, and I also edited the video. The band frontman Trey is also a good friend of mine. His music is great so if you like this, check out his Facebook page for more stuff from him.

Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem Review




The Doomstar Requiem is an hour long special (45 without commercials) that picks up right where season four of Metalocalypse left off, with Toki and Abigail kidnapped by the anti-Dethklok group the Revengencers. If you’ve been keeping up with the show then you’ll know the Revengencers are now run by the Man with The Silver Face and Magnus Hammersmith, Dethklok’s former rhythm guitarist. This special hits the ground running and never lets up. If you love the show you’ll love this special. Every moment is a musical one, and every single song is great. I’ve been listening to this soundtrack on repeat for a few days now. I can’t get enough of it. That said there are a few minor problems with it. Really this is just me being nit-picky, but then again it wouldn’t be much of a review if I didn’t nitpick, eh? First, there is very little Murderface, and while Toki gets his own ten minute segment showing how he got into the band he also feels strangely neglected. It is also a little slow at times, not that you’ll notice watching it. Lastly, because it is a musical we don’t get much of that trademark banter between the band. This is very much a  more serious side of Dethklok than we’ve seen int he past. Normally a situation such as this is handled pretty quickly and for comedy, but Doomstar really takes its time and focuses on how these characters react to having to actually do something serious for once. It’s quite interesting and just super fun to watch. Brendon Small pulled it off perfectly. Everything is just so much fun and so entertaining that the fact that the plot doesn’t really get rolling until the episode is almost half over. Those are my only grievances. I absolutely loved this special and I can’t wait for the fifth and final season. Dethklok rules!

Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà Vu Review




Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryōiki no Déjà Vu is the sequel to the massively popular 2010 anime series Steins;Gate. The plot of this movie directly picks up from the last OVA, which means discussing it is spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the series yet.

To put it simply, Okabe is in a bit of trouble and it comes down to Kurisu to save him. This means that Okabe is absent for the majority of the film, and the focus is shifted onto his love interest, the brilliant young scientist Kurisu. While this is a nice change of pace the beauty of her character really shines with her interactions with Okabe. He is really the piece that holds this series together. His goofy actions and wild rants are what makes the show, and while his absence does make the film suffer a little at times, damn does it also make for some good melodrama. There are so many emotions flying through this film. If you’re a fan of the show you’ll love this film. It is just so sweet and fun with even more cool time travel the series did so well.

I know I’m going on and on about how much i loved it but I only gave it three stars, why? Well, the truth is while I absolutely loved this film I loved it because I love these characters so much. The plot was thin this time around and overall the story was very slow moving with not a lot happening. However all the characters are spot on, the dialogue is hilarious as usual, and the visuals are beautiful. If the story had been a bit better executed then this would have been a perfect movie, but hey, I’m really just happy I got more Steins;Gate.

BoJack Horseman Season one Review




BoJack Horseman is a brilliant new animated comedy that follows a washed up 90’s sitcom actor years after the end of his show. He is an insensitive, alcoholic loser with very few redeeming qualities, but this also happens to make him hilarious. He lives with a good for nothing named Todd and together they, along with a supporting cast full of great characters, get into trouble. Originally I expected this to be a standard week-to-week (a phrase which captures the idea but is outdated in regards to this series) wacky plot show with funny talking animals, and it was, for a bit. It took a few episodes for this show to really kick in, but that is really because of the subject matter. Once BoJack begins to let Diane in, the show begins to really find its groove. It becomes personal, intimate, and really takes a look at what Hollywoo(d) does to people. This show holds back no punches, it goes in for the hard hits, and I’m not ashamed to say that the last two episodes made me cry. Season one was a great run (another outdated term for this series), and seeing BoJack come to know himself in that was a treat, and I can’t wait to see what they do for season two.