Tokyo Ghoul Review



Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that premiered July of this year. It follows Kaneki Ken, a young man who, after an accident, receives an organ transplant from a y creature known as a Ghoul. Ghouls look just like humans, however they are stronger, more resilient, and can only survive by eating the meat of humans. Upon receiving these organs Kaneki’s body becomes that of a Ghoul, and he must now struggle with his need to consume humans in order to live.

The anime is twelve episodes long with a second season to begin airing in the beginning of 2015. I began watching the show after seeing it appear on a few ‘best of’ lists, and it did not disappoint. The characters are fresh and well thought out, the character development is well done and logical, and the action scenes are brutal. This is a great psychological thriller for any anime fan. The only downfall is that the twelfth episode ends on a massive, and I mean massive, cliffhanger. For me, that meant diving into the manga, which has already ended and has a sequel series called Tokyo Ghoul: Re. I highly suggest picking them both up. Overall this is an amazing series, and I definitely examined it to any anime fan.

Final Verdit: 4.5/5


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