BoJack Horseman Season one Review




BoJack Horseman is a brilliant new animated comedy that follows a washed up 90’s sitcom actor years after the end of his show. He is an insensitive, alcoholic loser with very few redeeming qualities, but this also happens to make him hilarious. He lives with a good for nothing named Todd and together they, along with a supporting cast full of great characters, get into trouble. Originally I expected this to be a standard week-to-week (a phrase which captures the idea but is outdated in regards to this series) wacky plot show with funny talking animals, and it was, for a bit. It took a few episodes for this show to really kick in, but that is really because of the subject matter. Once BoJack begins to let Diane in, the show begins to really find its groove. It becomes personal, intimate, and really takes a look at what Hollywoo(d) does to people. This show holds back no punches, it goes in for the hard hits, and I’m not ashamed to say that the last two episodes made me cry. Season one was a great run (another outdated term for this series), and seeing BoJack come to know himself in that was a treat, and I can’t wait to see what they do for season two.


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