‘Fallacy’ is wrapped

To prepare for the upcoming short film i’m directing, Bad Bad Things, formally titled Snuff, I teamed up with my Art major buddy, and former roommate, Josh Dodd (linked to his Tumblr) to write a short, experimental, art film which we titled Fallacy In Fantasy. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures from the shoot since it was just me doing every job, But I was working with a great cast so everything went well. I’m hoping to do two more before I go back to college sometime in August, but we’ll see how that goes.

Yeah, so I’d like to do three shorts before I go back. One artsy (Fallacy,) one comedy, and one other genre, maybe a drama? But then again I always do dramas…maybe a musical? I can’t pull off a musical, I have no musical talent at all. Anyway the picture above is the script (which printed in landscape because that is the angle I had it in my iPad when I hit print,) and the two masks worn by The Protagonist and The Liar. Well, The Liar didn’t actually wear the mask in the shoot, due to a last minute judgement call from me. Like I said before, I should have the short up soon, since it shouldn’t take long to edit (if I can get the right FireWire and actually import it.) Look forward to it!


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