New look, new content (kind of)

Honestly I don’t have much to say here, I’m mainly posting here to apologize for  not updating as much as I should. I’ve simply been busy with the Adult Swim production, and then once we wrapped I flew to Hawaii for a week. Basically we’ve been focusing all our energy into working hard on the script for Snuff (which is now a working title upon the discovery of a movie and a novel of the same name.) It’s nearing completion. We have the script ‘finished,’ we are just looking for a way to give it that kick that every good movie needs. We are going to start out Kickstarter campaign for funds pretty soon, and we have already dipped our toes into casting. That is still largely open, though. Things are moving along nicely…

As a side note you may have noticed that the TNL Facebook page has a new look (as well as a new name.) Our new, silly name is the product of something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. You see, the name TNL Productions comes from the product of the two names of its founders, Adam Lowry and Jacob Thorpe. TNL is mainly used by me these days, as Jacob has focused his energy into studying business at Gordon as well as his job at Golden Corral. I was never particularly found of the name Thorpe ‘N Lowry,  and I always thought it’d be fun to change what TNL stands for with each production that we do. With Snuff being our first production (that is actually going to work, unlike the incredible failure APV was) I’ve decided to go forward with the idea. Currently TNL stands for Totally Narcissistic Lobster. Like it? I thought so. Moving on.

Actually, other than that I don’t have much to report. I did participate in the 48 Hour Film Festival, and that was a great deal of fun. The trailer for the film we produced, “Too Late” can be viewed below. The full film should be up soon. I worked with the production group Curious Intentions Media for the festival. They have pictures from the production up, as well as an awesome blog for you to check out. I actually used to write for their blog, but due to school I kind of, how to put it, fell behind on my supply of articles. The ones I did write are still up, though. So check those out here!


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