Summer Projects Ahoy!

While the majority of this summer has consisted of me watching anime and working on the script for my own upcoming short film, Snuff, this past weekend I had the pleasure of working as a production assistant for a short film called Buried Beneath, a Get the Horns Production. We had three full days of production, 7am to midnight almost every day, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product! Being on set, specifically working with the lighting department, was really rewarding. I learned a lot and I’m ready to find my next project.

Speaking of new projects, I’m going in for an interview tomorrow at 3pm for a production intern position on a new show set to air on Adult Swim. I don’t remember the title of the show (I think it had the words ‘blood’ and ‘bucket’ in it,) but they are shooting six episodes and I could be working with them for as much as a month if I get it. Now if only it were a paying job…

Last but not least, the script for my short film Snuff is almost complete. Well, by complete I mean the first draft is almost ready. I still have to send it to a few buddies of mine to have them come through it to see if they like it. The script came surprisingly easy to me. We really discussed a lot of ideas for it, and we have enough material here for a feature, and we might make a feature based on it one day, but for now we are sticking with a fifteen minute format. I really can’t wait to get it into production.


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