Well I’m officially back home for the summer. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill the time with some fun projects and a nice summer job. I thought that since I probably won’t be producing anything new or of great quality for a few weeks I’d go ahead and post an art film that I put together with my roommate Josh Dodd. It is an art film  that he actually used as his final for his 2D design class. Sadly the music isn’t original so I can’t say everything is original. The music in place here was originally intended to be just placeholder music until my girlfriend could come up to the dorm and compose the soundtrack. It didn’t work out due to time constraints so we ended up rolling with it. It’s still beautiful though. I really enjoyed working on it and after some revisions we may even showcase it at Get Connected or a film festival if we think it’s good enough. Only time will tell. This is actually just the first of a series we plan to do, and in the end they will all be complied together to make one long art film. Anyway here it is, IamwerewolfamI.


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