Upcoming projects

Currently I have two projects in the works, the first is a short film (approximately 5 minutes and under) titled A Mute Appeal. For this short I am working with my roommate Josh Dodd, who had the idea for the film. To put it simply A Mute Appeal is about a mute college student trying to find his voice in downtown Atlanta. We should shoot either this weekend or next and have it done a few days after that. The next project is a bigger project (estimated time of 30 minutes) with the working title Snuff. It revolves around two college students who make snuff films in their spare time. We are currently writing the script, and I am collaborating with a fellow film majors Andrew Schwab and Paul Sammons. I’m very excited about these two shorts and I can’t wait to dive deeper into production on them.
As for APV that is in indefinite hiatus. I’m not sure what is going to happen to it; I would like to recast and reshape it to make it easier to shoot.the problem with APV up until now was that I could never get the crew together. The end result was a project with three fully developed scripts and no footage shot since March of 2011. I still would like to work on APV, but it will be pushed aside for projects like A Mute Appeal, Snuff, and, The Elimination Bureau. I’ll get back to it eventually, but as a web series it needs more attention than a project like Mute.
Also I got the chance to work with a filmmaker who attends Georgia Tech by the name of
Ben Lambeth for a short film titled The Therapist, and it was quite the enlightening experience. The production was way beyond anything I’ve ever worked on in terms of equipment and organization. It was a very well done production,and even though I was just a PA I quite enjoyed the experience. I’ll post the short when here when it is done. It is a 5 minute short film.


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