A Peripheral View: Project Update

TNL’s current project A Peripheral View has been on hiatus since the fall semester began, but we are hoping to get back to production soon. Our production team has had trouble getting everyone together due to each of our busy schedules. In the absence of production I have been reworking the narrative as well as the footage that has already been shot. Due to this down time I believe the narrative of A Peripheral View has been improved greatly, and I hope we can get back to production over this December break! Until then I have put together a short teaser trailer to help keep interest in the project. I hope everyone enjoys!


Published by: adamclowry

I'm a college student at Georgia State University studying Film with the intention of writing screenplays for feature films. I've always been interested in film and TV, but my interest turned to passion when I took a Digital Media class in high school. Since then I've thrown myself into productions, while finishing up college. When I'm not in school I spend my time writing, editing, drawing, and playing video games.

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2 thoughts on “A Peripheral View: Project Update”

  1. It seems like this project has been going on for a long time. Is there anyway you guys can release a couple of episodes or something?

    1. Well, kind of sort of. We had a forty page script that we completed sometime last year that we ended up scraping. We finished the current script a while ago, and we’ve had three shoot days. The first three episodes are mostly finished, we just need to get together and finish the ‘arc’ that is established in the first three episodes. We could release the first three episodes, but it’d most likely be a while before we could post more, and that’s why we’ve held back the first three.

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